Sweaty has a new face

Since the RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig Sweaty has changed a lot. The team learned from the experience of the last competitions and is preparing the robot for the RocoCup 2017 in Japan. 

Next to new techniques also the appearance of Sweaty changed. In collaboration with the faculty "Media and Information" the humanoid Robot got a new face. Sweaty is now becoming more and more human.

To the article (in german):



Exposition in Hannover 2017

Sweaty is able to do more than just playing football. At the exposition in Hannover he also showed that he can play "rock-paper-scissors". 



Finally we ar Finalists!

We did it. At the RoboCup 2016 we won the 2nd Place. Now we are Finalists and celebrating our humanoid Robot. 

The Last Match in Leipzig 2016 for Sweaty

The end match and the amazing result: Sweaty won the second place!

Leipzig we are coming!

We are very happy! Sweaty is qualified for the RoboCup in Leipzig 2016. 

After waiting one month it is now official. We are going to Leipzig. We passed the qualification for the RoboCup and now the work begins. It is time to improve Sweaty to be ready and well prepared in Sommer for the RoboCup. 

We can't wait to present our Robot there and compete against other universities at the international RoboCup in Leipzig.