The longterm aim of this project is to drive the humanoid with linear actors, which have to have active cooling due to the immense heat production.

This coolling is based on a simple principle, i.e. sweating.

For the manufacturing of the skeleton in the highly contemporary machine park at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg, a Rapid Prototyping machine, working on the principle of Selektive Laser Melting (SLM), is used.

With the SLM technic, parts made out of titan, aluminium and steel can be produced. With this manufacturing process the overall amount of parts with optimal geometry can be reduced by integral construction. 

Total weight is reduced by an effectiv use of material going along with the optimal geometry.

The optimal position and the power of the motors is choosen while executing an iterative process between construction and simulation. The autonomous behaviour of the robot is based on the algorithms developed by the university team magma, that effectively compets in the Robocups Simulationliga since years.

The results of this simulations can bee seen in the picture gallery.

For orientation on the park the robot is equiped with two cameras in his head, power- and magnetic sensors and a gyroskop.