"Sweaty" started out as a humanoid robot playing football, which has been competing against other humanoid robots from international colleges and universities at the Robot World Cup in Brazil since 2014. In the meantime, it has become a multidisciplinary project that also involves interaction and imitation of movement patterns, e.g. in a game of chess against a human opponent.

In the process, Sweaty has always been successful in its core competence of football and has always been able to secure the vize world championship title since 2016 in Leipzig, Germany until 2019 in Sydney, Australia. At the first virtual edition of the RoboCup 2021, the team won the world champion title.

Sweaty is an exciting project for a wide range of disciplines, where you can apply and expand your technical know-how as well as demonstrate your team skills in cooperation with various disciplines within the framework of the competition.

The team

The team consists of professors, research assistants, doctoral students and students from the departments of mechanical and process engineering, electrical engineering, medical engineering, computer science and media. It is only through the interaction of all faculties that Sweaty is so successful in RoboCup.



The technology

Sweaty is a largely autonomous robot. The goal of the project is to develop a robot that can compete against and defeat the local football world champion by 2050.

To achieve this, modern designs and manufacturing methods are implemented by our team and complemented by creative ideas. Our research covers a wide range of technologies such as motion analysis, control and artificial intelligence (AI) and much more. Here you can find an overview of the technology used.